Hoenderbedryf steier

In 2016 is 240 000 t hoenderstukke aan die been na SuidAfrika ingevoer   Die plaaslike hoenderbedryf se oorlewingstryd teen...

Regter veroordeel ‘roof-storting’

Regter Richard Goldstone, beskermheer van die teenstortingsbeweging FairPlay, het die optrede van invoerders wat hulle skuldig maak aan hoenderstorting sterk...

Dumped chicken imports causing South Africans to lose their jobs

Justice Richard Goldstone delivers the keynote address at the FairPlay Social Support Summit.   JOHANNESBURG – The one-day Summit, held...

Predatory dumping is not unlawful, but SA should implement rule of law

The government needs to act as the poultry industry is threatened by cheap imports and more jobs are at risk...

Africa’s poultry industry hit

“Europe’s preference for white meat is hurting Africa’s poultry industry” says Luc Smalle, manager at the agri firm Rossgro in...

SA’s EPA deal: Is the EU playing chicken?

The current trade dispute over chicken between South Africa and the 28-country European Union, in which local business and trade...

Higher tariffs and trade bans will not save local poultry industry

The importance of trade has to be recognised, as saving the poultry industry is not as simple as imposing higher...

DTI to implement policy interventions to curb poultry industry losses

Rather than make findings on the current state of the poultry industry and the ongoing challenges it faces owing to...

Claims by the EU that subsidies have no impact on chicken exports to South Africa are both false and misleading

Claims by the EU that subsidies have no impact on chicken exports to South Africa are both false and misleading.....

Sovereign Foods weathers ‘perfect storm’

Revenue up 25%, sales volumes increase by 18% Net asset value of Sov Foods share: R9.72   The Sovereign Foods...

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