Decrease in cheap EU poultry imports

THE SA POULTRY Association (Sapa) has welcomed the decrease in cheap poultry imports from the EU, the largest dumpers of...

Consumers urged to buy local as poultry industry remains ‘in distress’

Despite being the highest per capita consumer of poultry products on the African continent, and the ninth-highest consumer in the...

Poultry producers vow to tackle immoral dumping, incorrect packaging

The South African poultry industry met to find solutions to issues of free trade agreements, immoral dumping and the mis-labelling...

Op-Ed: Sugar and poultry industries could boost Ramaphosa’s jobs drive

In his State of the Nation Address, President Cyril Ramaphosa recognised the enormous economic potential of agriculture which, he said,...

Ailing sugar industry needs policy sweetener against bitter dumping pill

The sugar industry is vital, strategic and labour intensive, say the writers. The impending introduction of a tax on sugary...

Crying foul over SA’s frozen chicken pieces imports

Crying foul over SA’s frozen chicken pieces imports A SINGLE bag of frozen chicken can consist of pieces from as...

Poultry body backs march over ‘unsafe’ poultry imports

A single bag of frozen chicken can consist of pieces from as many as five different countries, which is not...

How potentially unsafe imported chicken ends up in your pot

This comes as concern intensifies over South Africa’s largest ever outbreak of listeriosis. South African consumers face serious health risks...

Murky world of the imported meat industry exposed

A recent episode of Special Assignment looked into how unsafe imported chicken ends up in consumers’ pots. “South African consumers...

Listeriose: Jymóét weet van waar hoender kom

‘n Pak bevrore hoenderstukke wat plaaslik te koop is wat FairPlay onlangs aan afgevaardigdes van die Europese Kommissie gewys het....

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