Regter Goldstone in kryt teen storting

Die regsgeleerde regter Richard Goldstone is nou deel van die FairPlay-beweging teen die storting van produkte deur oorsese lande.  ...

SAPA’s response to EU

In an unattributed press release on its website, the EU office here claims that there is no EU dumping of...

Kill EU hypocrisy, not the SA chicken Industry

Download PDF: Down with EU hypocrisy The EU office in South Africa is trying to hide the complicity of EU chicken...

The state’s policy inaction regarding poultry sector is a recipe for disaster

The government needs to intervene on EU bone-in chicken imports to help local producers and stem job losses   Like...

Justice Goldstone joins Fairplay as Patron

Justice Richard Goldstone, an internationally renowned jurist and human rights champion, has joined the FairPlay anti-dumping movement as its patron....

Private-public sector efforts to find solutions for poultry industry woes welcomed

Efforts between the government, business, and organised labour to find solutions that can stabilise South Africa’s poultry industry last month...

LETTER: Hold dumpers to account

You know someone has lost the argument when they start complaining about word count. On behalf of the chicken importers...

Astral expects a 60% drop in earnings

Johannesburg – Listed poultry producer Astral Foods expects headline earnings per share for the six months ended March 31 to...

Dumping chicken in SA puts many dreams on hold and jobs on the line

BUSI Zungu is sad. She had great plans for her future, but since she lost her job as a worker...

Buy Local and Create a Job

Proudly South African was established in 2001, born out of the 1998 Presidential Job Summit convened by late former president...

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