‘Imports have brought SA sugar industry to its knees’ – SASA

The absence of effective tariff protection against high volumes of cheap sugar imports entering South Africa has brought the country’s...

Low tariff on sugar imports a big threat

ONE MIGHT assume that the biggest threat to the domestic sugar industry is the so called sugar tax recently enacted...

FairPlay takes to the Airwaves to Support Sugar Industry Protests

Shortly after the June 26 protest march lead by SAFDA, SASA and other industry stakeholders, the FairPlay Movement’s founder, Francois...

Start-up turns sugarcane into eco-straws

More than 20 Chinese companies have tried to buy 100% Plants’ technology, but it values being a Taiwanese company, the...

Sugar sector wants a sweeter deal

Despite intense debate about the protection the industry enjoys, it says it is up against a wall The local sugar...

Trump sounds mad but his trade war makes sense, says Mchunu

An increase in customs tariffs might be what South Africa needs to ward off an influx of foreign imports that...

Job cuts for local farm workers from Sugar farms

Thousands of sugar cane farmers from the province may lose theirjobs ifthe problem of sugar imports is not resolved soon....

State under fire over lax food safety regulations

After the recent listeriosis outbreak that claimed the lives of more than 200 people, the department of health has come...

Bitter over sugar imports

Hundreds of people protested against cheap sugar imports outside the department of trade and industry’s offices in Sunnyside on Tuesday....

Forget fuel, sugar is the bitter pill to swallow

There was, legitimately, a great deal of fuss made in the past week about the fifth increase so far this...

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