‘n Woord van die Groot Kokkedoor

Usually, I attempt to create inspirational and positive messages when I write to you. This time around, I am going...

Prospects for a regional biofuels industry in Southern Africa

Taku Fundira, tralac Associate, discusses the political economy, trade and policy issues involved in the potential development of a biofuels...

VAT-free wish list: eggs and sugar tax in spotlight

Cape Town – Value added tax (VAT) increased on April 1 from 14% to 15%. Currently only 19 food items...

How the tax-hungry state plays chicken with poor

Since the zero-rated basket was born in 1991, consumer buying patterns have changed and some of the foods in the...

VAT-free wish list: Consumers speak out

Cape Town – Give us VAT-free chicken, sanitary towels and meat in general, was the clear call from Fin24 users...

The hidden healing power of sugar

Moses Murandu is a senior lecturer in adult nursing at the University of Wolverhampton, and he has made a remarkable...

Unions want details from Ramaphosa on Africa free trade plan, warn of job losses

President Cyril Ramaphosa in Kigali, Rwanda, signs the Kigali Declaration for the Launch of the African Continental Free Trade Area....

Imports of food products from Brazil shut down amid safety check scandal

The Department of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries has suspended imports of food products from various establishments in Brazil suspected of...

VAT zero-ratings finely balanced

Weighing up exemptions must take into account loss of revenue from rich Since the announcement in the finance minister’s budget...

Job Losses in Hammarsdale

eTHEKWINI municipality has long-term plans to turn Hammarsdale into a mixed housing and logistics hub following the building of a...

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