Non-profit organisation FairPlay told Parliament that the zero-rated list does not adequately address the nutritional concerns of the poor. CAPE...

Hoendersonder BTW sal arm kinders help

Francois Baird, stigter: FairPlay As die grootste hoenderprodusent in Suid-Afrika is Astral se volgehoue stryd om sekere hoenderprodukte van BTW...

No VAT on chicken

As the biggest producer of chicken in SA, Astral’s continued support for the campaign to zero-rate certain cuts of chicken...

UN Warns of Climate Change Catastrophe Making South Africa’s Progress on Biofuels an Urgent Priority

Biofuels and Climate Change According to a recently released landmark report, time to avert catastrophic environmental impacts from climate change...

Trade wars & steps in the right direction

In times of war, there are always businesses that profit while the sons and, increasingly, daughters, of working people do...

FairPlay and Coca-Cola SA bury the hatchet

The FairPlay Movement (FairPlay) and Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (Coca-Cola SA) have agreed to bury the hatchet over the importation...

Agricultural safeguard levy will boost the local industry, says FairPlay

According to Francois Baird, founder of FairPlay – a not-for-profit trade movement that seeks to “end the scourge of dumping...

Why government shouldn’t waste time delaying tax-free chicken

Treasury has concluded that the country cannot afford to zero-rate chicken — but it’s looking at the issue from the...

LETTER: SA doesn’t need surplus US chicken dumped here

The views expressed by US undersecretary for agriculture Ted McKinney on his trip to SA are uninformed, arrogant and regrettable....

LETTER: McKinney misinformed about SA poultry farmers

US agriculture undersecretary irked that SA Poultry Association instituted legal proceedings over chicken dumping in SA market If US officials...

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