Chicken dumping: Rival groups battle it out

Cape Town – Another row over the trade of poultry products is playing out – this time involving advocacy group...

Lack of government support for poultry industry

The SA Poultry Association has urged a ‘partnership approach’ with government to save failing farms…   “Unlike the rest of...

‘Chicken dumping will cripple the economy and kill off jobs’

Francois Baird, founder of the FairPlay advocacy movement, tells Annelie Coleman why chicken dumping is an illegal practice, and describes...

A cry from the heart of the workers suffering from a predatory practice

For the vast majority of people, the trauma of retrenchment is not short-lived. After the protest marches, the excitement of...

SA poultry industry shows signs of improvement

Cape Town – Market conditions for South Africa’s poultry industry are improving and as far as government knows there have...

FairPlay movement set to help prevent dumping

Speaking at a news conference at Nampo, US-based South African business person and philanthropist, Francois Baird, founder of the FairPlay...

Poultry industry a flutter, but adjusting

South African poultry producers have introduced a number of measures in an effort to counter the setbacks that hit the...

Angry birdman says state plan to export fowls just won’t fly

CHRIS Schutte, CEO of Astral Foods,South Africa’s largest poultry producer, says a “lack of leadership in government” is responsible for...

EU worries over growth hormones in SA chickens unfounded, says poultry association

Genetic selection and better nutrition are what have produced superior broilers, says the South African Poultry Association.   WHILE briefing...

SA’s poultry industry on the road to recovery

Johannesburg – As the country recovers from the worst drought in history, the local poultry sector seems to be recuperating...

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