Opinion: Will tariff enable broiler industry to fulfil its role?

The decision by the Department of Trade and Industry (dti) to finally agree on an import duty on certain poultry...

State authorises poultry tariffs to protect local industry

Government has authorised the long-awaited import tariffs to be imposed on all poultry product imports in a move to stabilise...

SA’s manufacturing sector on the line

The country’s manufacturing sector is shrinking fast and we must immediately implement broad reforms suggested by the Treasury last year...

SA to increase tariffs on poultry imports from Brazil and US

The industry applied for increased tariffs to counter a flood of shipments that resulted in annual losses of R6.5bn. By...

Export Development and the Poultry Industry Master Plan

The poultry industry master plan is the creation of a co-operative effort among all relevant industry stakeholders – the government,...

Poultry import stats: Update

2019 Poultry import update. Summary: Imports into SA remain high. Brazil is the largest importer and has more market share...

Food security and domestic violence: chickens coming home to roost

Investment in agriculture seems wholly unrelated to violence against women and children. By simply connecting a few dots, however, a...

SA’s trade policy is a dumping gateway to neighbours

SA must not chicken out of fighting unfair poultry trade practices. When it comes to unfair competition in the form...

OPINION: Dialogue to support the chicken industry and its workers

Paul Matthew cannot really expect that there will be no questioning of his continued opposition to tariffs that would curb...

FairPlay again asks for Brazilian chicken import ban

Nonprofit trade movement FairPlay has welcomed the food-safety-related prosecutions of 11 former employees of Brazilian poultry processor BRF SA. BRF...

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