Tough times in poultry industry
September 5, 2017
All this poultry dumping. And we’re chicken sh**
September 13, 2017

FairPlay, the international anti-dumping advocacy organisation, pledged its support to Dr Charlotte Nkuna, acting CEO of the South African Poultry Association (SAPA).


According to FairPlay founder, Francois Baird, Nkuna was no stranger to the organisation. She had recently served on the expert panel at its Social Support Summit at the University of Johannesburg.


Baird said her inputs had been insightful.


“The scourge of dumping and the inhumane toll it takes on the people who make up the workforce in South Africa’s chicken industry remains a burning issue,” he added.


He said FairPlay was committed to cooperating with Nkuna and SAPA to stop frozen chicken portions being dumped in SA at below local production costs.


Nkuna was elected acting CEO after former CEO, Kevin Lovell stepped down.


by Annelie Coleman
First published in Farmers Weekly, 08 September 2017

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