A 100% biodegradable bottle made from sugar cane is being manufactured by the Air Water company. The company introduced machines...

FairPlay says government has failed to support sugar industry

While national government has shown a willingness to protect the sugar industry against corrosive trade-dumping practices, nonprofit antidumping organisation FairPlay...

Predatory International Trade Is Killing Jobs in Developing Countrie’s

Transcription available here.

Delays in biofuel framework hinder industry

Despite the local sugar industry championing a bioethanol fuel subsidy as a potential method to relieve the burden on sugar...

Partnership for land tenure rights mutually beneficial

Sugar producer Illovo Sugar Africa has been partnering nongovernmental organisations, governments and global donors to transform the landscape of tenure...

Local sugar industry struggles to stay afloat

The survival and sustainability of the labour intensive sugar industry is under severe threat owing to the flood of sugar...

Hoenderboere pleit weer vir hoër invoertariewe

Sapa wil hê die hoër tariewe moet keer dat die plaaslike mark oorstroom word deur goedkoop hoenderinvoer van lande soos...

FairPlay, Proudly SA, FAWU supports call for new chicken import tariff

MEDIA RELEASE 5 December 2018 FairPlay, Proudly SA, FAWU supports call for new chicken import tariff Economists, trade unions and...

Import tariffs increase encouraged to protect SA poultry sector

Economists, trade unions and civic organisations including Fair Play and Proudly SA have added their support to a new application...

In Mauritius, sugar cane means money, renewable energy

Far out into the Indian Ocean where it is forced to be self-reliant, the island nation of Mauritius is weaning...

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