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  • By Sandile Mchunu.The South African Poultry Association (Sapa) has defended its decision to call for a hike in chicken imports tariffs to 82 percent, up...
  • By Wouter de Wet, chairperson: AFMA (Animal Feed Manufactures Association).Arguably one of the biggest challenges president Cyril Ramaphosa and his newly appointed cabinet will face,...
  • Chicken importers are clucking loudly. They must be panicked, believing that their fat profits from dumping might soon be ended by a reasonable tariff to...
  • None of our so-called trade partners accepts chicken from SA, which is all about political will. By Francois Baird and Katishi Masemola.In the great debate...
  • The SA National Consumer Union’s (SANCU) unreserved support for chicken importers, and its disregard for South African jobs, is highly concerning and should ring alarm...


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Chicken Industry

Stop Chicken Dumping. The campaign was set in motion in October 2016 to unite the efforts of all affected parties who are suffering under the strain caused by the predatory trade practice of dumping of chicken in the South African market. Read More

Sugar Industry

Sweet New Vision. The South African sugar industry is under threat. A vital, strategic and labour intensive South African industry that should be expanding and creating more jobs is instead shrinking and putting people out of work. Read More


Zero-rated Chicken. The review of the zero-rated items is an opportunity to do much more than only mitigate the VAT impact on low-income households. By taking a broader view, the zero-rated items can also achieve economic growth objectives. Read More

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