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  • An EU-funded 'study' on SA's chicken industry pays little attention to the damage done by an increasing flood of imports from the EU. Read FairPlay's...
  • Statement by Francois Baird, founder FairPlay.The latest European Union funded study on the South African chicken industry, is going to please the EU but...
  • Recent comments on the chicken industry in Business Report (“Government tariff increases, import bans boost SA share prices,”, Business Report, 12 August 12) are wide...
  • Two recent reports sound the death knell for Ghana’s chicken industry as a result of dumped chicken imports, primarily from Europe. South Africa will go...
  • First published in the Business Day. By Anthony Clark.Poultry counter Astral Foods is a big rooster, producing about 5-million birds a week in a market...


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Chicken Industry

Stop Chicken Dumping. The campaign was set in motion in October 2016 to unite the efforts of all affected parties who are suffering under the strain caused by the predatory trade practice of dumping of chicken in the South African market. Read More

Sugar Industry

Sweet New Vision. The South African sugar industry is under threat. A vital, strategic and labour intensive South African industry that should be expanding and creating more jobs is instead shrinking and putting people out of work. Read More


Zero-rated Chicken. The review of the zero-rated items is an opportunity to do much more than only mitigate the VAT impact on low-income households. By taking a broader view, the zero-rated items can also achieve economic growth objectives. Read More

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